Murphy Bed in Modern and Contemporary Styles

Murphy bed was around 1900 when William L. Murphy invented a patented mechanism to hide his bed in his closet in his room while he was serving. Beds have been used since then, always appreciated by the inhabitants of city apartments and by owners who need an extra bed in the multipurpose room.

During the Second World War and shortly thereafter, the beds became popular, first due to lack of steel, and then because people left the city for houses and suburban spaces no longer existed, not so important In the decade of the fifties and six Dozens of beds are especially remembered as slapstick comedy accessories, or a place to hide the corpse in a mysterious story.

Today, Murphy bed are experiencing resurgence as professionals return to the city and make their living spaces smaller and more functional. Many apartment residents found this existing bed in an old building, especially in places like San Francisco, where Murphy beds were found and where many Murphy beds were sold in apartments built between the 1906 earthquake and World War II. Antique Murphy beds are now in great demand by cutting-edge conversations and design focal points, as well as practical and functional furniture.

Antique Murphy beds are also sold in beautiful antiques stores across the country. Many of the original mechanisms are still working and the cabinets used to create units can be very beautiful. The buyer must remember, however, that the actual Murphy bed will not be older than this invention, patented in 1900. The piece may be placed in an older cabinet rather than a patent, but the mechanism can not be older than that. The buyer should be informed about the furniture of the entire period and about the mechanism itself. Purchased intelligently, this bed can be an investment and functional furniture.

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